A theater project needs an idealistic patcher in hamburg, on the 15th of june

hello there dear community

i made the some animations for a theater project a while ago, here in berlin, where i used vvvv for the projection. now the piece will be shown in hamburg, on the 15th of june, on the http://www.kaltstart-hamburg.de/1182.html
but since i won’t be in germany then (next wednesday … aargh), i am looking for somebody who could setup the patch i made for this piece.
its a very simple thing. The task would just be to tweak some x and y positions of quads, in order to fit them into the setdesign (>mapping) i guess it would take around one hour, maybee two. Its no big thing, but i would be happy if somebody with some vvvv experience could do this, because the set designer would get too nervous, if she had to do this. :)

the crew is leaving berlin on the 14th, returning on the 16th. if there is somebody in berlin, willing to take the trip, that would be great too.

since its an art project, there is not much money involved in this whole thing. if you could contribute your patching routines, you definately get a festival ticket, and a couple of drinks for sure. depending on the entrances, there will be a tiny bit of money left in the end. but not promised.
if you want to hop in in berlin (or somewhere on the way to hh), there will be accomodation for you too.
not to forget the honour and the gratefulnes.

if you’re in, let me know: 004915784894396 or ischuessler(at)gmail(dot)com. i would send the patches and explain everything in more detail on the phone.

thanks a lot for your engaging support