A spread how to

Hello ,

How can I spread some quads in 2d of random x-y scale that dont intersect like in the picture ?


I think the best way would be to look for a treemapping-algorithm and write a plugin.

Alternatively have a look at @dottore))s ((contribution:boubles-proximity-dynamic or try @vuxs Box2d stuff.

About treemapping i dont know, I dont have a projector and there are not many trees around :P

These seem like fun alternatives , i’ll check them out.


check out QuadTree (2d) in the addonpack by @vux which is a implementation of treemapping bjoern mentioned.
and try TextFractal in the contributions by @Tonfilm

Wow nice I completely missed this one. (Though I have [searched](https://vvvv.org/search/apachesolr_search/tree map) the site before writing that post. Indicates that the vast amount of (new) features is lost to the (average) user simply due to lack of documentation.)