A sphere like a planet


Anybody knows if it is possible to move the camera around a sphere as if you are orbiting around a planet? How?


just rotate the sphere around Y that should give you the same effect.

or use circular spread with spreadcount=1 and lfo the phase.

thanks both!
What I would like to do is moving (with keyboard) on the surface of the sphere as it was a planet.
Do you think I should use the attractor node?

Polar could help you walk on a sphere as you would on a plane

Check the ( VLY ) folder in the girlpower folder. That is a flightsim, but is a bit hard to understand for new users.

Orbiting around a sphere is something else than landing on it!! (just ask NASA)

edit: looking at the VLY patch, all the water and sky seem to be missing, or is that just me?

I studied VLY a little bit in the past days (water and sky are missing to me too), I modified it a little bit to use it with the kinect How to fly using kinect and in that patch, if I understand well, the terrain is a realtime-generated plane.
I’d like to use a sphere or the mesh of a planet (with mountains, hills etc).

Do you think is it possible using bullet physics?

Rotate (Transform Successive Vector) has a terrible helppatch but is probably what you’re lookging for.