A question about Renderer (HTML String)

Hi guys, sorry to bother with a really minor issue.

I’m trying to get an internal link - an A tag pointing to a part of the same page - to work in a HTML doc.
If I right click, in the renderer, on the link and choose Property - I have it in Italian, but anyway its the last entry - I see an URL like this


Now, with “regular” browser, it works as expected - I get links and images; with Renderer (HTML String) I get only images - there are no external css files or javascript, but I guess they would be loaded as well - but these internal links are not going to point at something.

Is this a bug? Should I format it in a different way?
Btw either
href="#note">Nota 1
href=“index.html#note”>Nota 1
won’t work.

I had to skip tags as it was too much of a pain not-parsing the stuff.
Sorry if I missed something in girlpower.


So, uhm, cough.
I should not vvvv at 1.25 am. As simple as that.
Could you please destroy this? Not the thread, but the hd physical section it is saved on? Thank you.