A program that "shuffles" between different layouts

Hey guys,

Is it possible to make “shuffles” between different grids/layout possibilities of text/images blocks on a poster? The text/images themselves would be fixed, only positions would change.

Has anyone done something like this so I could have a look on code and learn how to do it?


Do you know how to use Switch node or GetSlice node? Once you have created all the grids\layouts templates, you can switch\getslice parts of a or a whole grid\layout, coding rules to manage single events inside grids\layouts, manage transitions, content filling, etc. Obviously you could also write your nodes to manage particular tasks and events, or everything.
While this could be a common kind of project, nothing assures you that something that suits your need and\or helps you to understand what to do, has already been realized. It also doesn’t look like a two hours coding project.

Thanks, will give a try!
but what about grid nodes, are there any?

Have a look at https://vvvv.org/contributions, maybe you’ll find some pieces.
Anyway, your questions are extremely generic.
Start patching, pin down a single problem, ask about it and post the patch; that’s the only way so that someone will be able to help.

Also check out the girlpower folder for more examples.

Yeo, I know it’s generic, sorry about that.

But as I am on MAC, wanted to check out the possibilites before I jump in (need to add bootcamp and run windows).

Anyway, from what I heard here on the forum looks like VVVV is still not mature for interactive editing of SVG.

again thins a lot for helping@

Not quite, not at all. People suggested you to patch something yourself. But then again…
Anyway, we’re here waiting to hear more from you. Have a nice day.

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