A node to change a 0 into a higher value and vice versa?

The thing is, I get a value from an IObox. It can be 0 or higher. The value goes to a LFO node and if it’s 0 the animation keeps running. I want just the opposite - it should stop whenever it gets a 0 and start running again in case it is 1 (or higher).

= node has 2 outputs, guess why…

there is also a NOT node …

i’m still quite a beginner… So there is an = node, and a NOT node too? OK thanks, will take a look at that.

also check waveshaper

As I said, I get a sound that can be turned into a certain value. Normally it will be lower than 1, but if it reaches 1, then the images in the quad should change. It was doing exactly the opposite - the images moved when the value given by the sound was under 1 and stopped when it reached 1.
I have used “NOT” node linked to the toggle, changed this into a bang, but it seems that things work only sometimes.
What am I doing wrong? Check out the patch. The screen capture shows where the trouble is.

AudioAnalysis (DShow9) help - mine backup.v4p (54.7 kB)

A Counter node reacts to bangs!! Don’t connect the output of a lfo to it, that will only become a massive mess. (use the Change pin, if you must)

I think what you are looking for is a Togedge (Animation). When you get that Boolean 1 when the audio is high enough, than generate a bang and send that to the counter to get the next picture.

what west said, TogEdge (Animation) is what you are really looking for. its a very essential node:

AudioAnalysis (DShow9) help - mine backup.v4p (54.7 kB)

mental note to self:
first I am doing a tutorial about the OR and AND spectrals, and than I will see how we can start banging, cozz indeed the togedge, change, togles, flipflops and monoflops are essential.


not, toggle and togedge working fine together!! thanks a lot!!