A new livvvve in Switzerland?

-naut is seeking for a vvvv and VL developer to work with us in a permanent position in Zürich. Until now, -naut is composed of Fabian and Luigi. We are getting more and more projects and are looking for an addition to our team, maybe even somebody who could become a partner in the future. So yes, if you are good and could imagine starting a new adventure in Switzerland, this is your chance! Reason enough to explain a bit better who we are and what we do:

Us and vvvv:
We use vvvv since we were thought back in 2011 at Habegger AG. Since then, me and Fabian changed different companies but still worked on projects together. In 2018, we decided to bring -naut to life! In this 1 1/2 years we also started using Unity3D. But now, we would really love to learn VL, which is not so easy project- and time wise. So if u are already comfortable with VL it would be a huge plus!

Both of us can build small to midrange installations completely on our own. From early sketches, concept, visual design, technical planning to the last line of code or connected node :). But even though we have over nine years of vvvv experience, we are not the crack developers, so sometimes we hire freelancers to fill that void. Now we would like to take the next step, having this person on board! We both are interaction designers, technology allrounders and makers. This allows us to bring things to life in every phase of a project. It’s our USP which seems to sell very well!

What u should bring to us:

  • more stability in our development enviroment
  • hardcore knowledge in c#, vvvv, shaders
  • knowledge of VL
  • ability to handle/write all kinds of drivers
  • basic knowledge in other relevant languages for installations (e.g. Unity3D etc)
  • projection mapping knowledge
  • good knowdledge in handling multimedia hardware of all sorts
  • basic knowledge in electronics / arduino etc.

Now lets talk references:
Our linkedIn and insta shows some of the best projects of the last 10 years. As usual, it’s not up to date. So here’s a list of current and future projects:

2019 / 2020 - ublox (the Arduino WIFI-chip manufacturer)
A physical marble ball labyrinth combined with LCD-groundfloor and sensors

2019 / 2020 Ricola
. Gift-package-sleeve pattern generator
. We are talking about another installation which promotes the giveaway of candy during events

2019 / 2020 The manufacturer of THE Swiss pocketknife
. Employee event in 2019 and 2020 in planning
. Men’s World event. A little game with kitchen knife which at the same time serves as a prototype for later retail store installations
. More interactive retail store elements for worldwide use (this could get huge)

2019 / 2020 Zürich Insurance
They promote the Hockey WM 2020. We built a kinect-hockey game which u can see before passing the duty free area when landing in Zürich. Later they will install it additionally in front of the stadiums during the event. Due to the hardware investment later projects are a certainty.

2019 / 2020 - Axpo (i think the main player electric supplier in CH)
Another exhibition about electricity. But nice thing, it’s a bit an educative exhibition

2019 - TEDx Zürich
Audience activation. 450 people were connected via WebSocket to an application on stage. Steering a rocket together which collected stickers in space

2020 - The swiss “Walmart”
Did buy the rocket game from TEDxZürich for internal event. We will also talk about different installations for their shops and malls (also here, huge potential for future projects)

2020 - Schweizer Fernsehen (SRF)
The swiss television saw the rocket game and wants to meet us… what for? we will see :)

2020 - Illusion and mirror museum Zürich
Interactive photo booths, LED installation in a mirror-labyrinth and an audio reactive infinity room. Jep, this could be fun! Sadly we have to fight with very low budgets…

The client list is growing and untill now everyone who worked with us came back! We would like to support also more and more meaningful and educational projects… We are helping some cultural museums like the Strauhof Zürich or artists like Roland Regner. Should be more, but we need help, your help! :)

What else:

  • This summer we started teaching our methods to interaction students in Bern
  • We have 24h access to the open laboratory Fablab Zürich which provides us with the latest 3D printers, lasercutters, cnc-millers and everything else, really everything! It’s like a wonderland for makers!
  • Our salaries are more or less in the average of Switzerland, and we will all earn the same!

Interested? Get in touch: lui@naut.ch or here +41 78 835 33 28

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