A little bit of color wouldn't hurt

Great program, but everything is gray, so I’d like to know what do you
think of this idea:

When you are going to make a connection, and you put the mouse over
something, make the connection stand out, because as it is now, it
just turns black around it.

I’d also like to add that when you put a comment in a IOBox for example,
when you try to make a connection to one of its outputs, the text
doesn’t let you see where the “pins” (connections) are.

Maybe this could be filed under bugs?

annoyances could be a more correct word

While investigating examples I often disable parts. It save some time (maybe in real situations too) if there was some visual indication such as a change in the nodes bg colour. Alternatively maybe disabling a link and changing it’s colour would also provide easy temp modding and good feedback?

Okay, for the color idea:

I wouldn’t be that much work if we get a short-cut (like the Alt-L) that will cycle through Grey Blue and Red, so the link between nodes (what is the 1 word for this?) will get that color. This way you can make even better structures in your patches (I think)

Just a sugestion, I can live without ;)