A Linearspread like Map instead of MapRange

i’d love to see a LinearSpread that does not spread in a width around a center, but between a fixed pair of values. it’s always a hassle to reverse-engineer the LinearSpread to get it to do that precisely the way it is needed.

yes, like this one.

LinearSpread (Spreads Bounds).v4p (5.3 kB)

yes, or like this (?)

LinearSpread (Spreads FromTo).v4p (6.0 kB)

Block alignment and phase don’t mix ;)

Think Kalles way is best, thou I always use Gregsn way too.

Block alignment and phase don’t mix ;)
yes i know, it was only meant to be another default value, but still adjustable over the alignment pin.
just don’t know which mode would be used more often. didn’t need that node yet.

until there is no node this one would be probably faster than kalles. (just a guess)

i named the pins “From” and “To” to reflect that the resulting spread spreads from first to second value, unaffected of if the second is bigger or smaller than the first.

the naming of the pins in the map node should be changed in the same way.