A) How to randomly assign specified values... - b) ...to a mesh


as part of my vvvvorkout I’m trying to recreate a generative version of some nice pattern-ish illustrationsomething I’ve found and …
… as it seems, I haven’t understood the concept of Spreads as much as I thought I had.

So, a twofold question:

  1. How do I assign specific values randomly to a spread, maybe even based on chance? (say, I have a 5x5 grid of quads and 4 files to texture those with - how to make the textures appear randomly?) // I should be able to figure this out), but I’m fairly certain I’d be missing some clever way to do it.

  2. See attached patch - a particular case of above problem. I have a simple shape - a mesh - that I want to use as a pattern element. How do I add variations to this mesh and assign those by chance/random?

in need for hints and pointers, thanks

helpRandomness.v4p (27.6 kB)

hi purf not sure it will work that way, the fast way would be to record every variation you want to an xfile, then to load spread of x’s then on appopriate positions…

huh. xfile…

(note to self: see? exercise more often!)

while your idea leaves open questions for the - sort of - ‘intellectual’ problem at hand ;) , it works beautifully for the project in question. Perfect. Thanks a lot!

Unfortunately vvvv can not keep meshes with subsets as subsets if split in vvvv.

in other words, VertexBuffer and Mesh are not spreadable so you would need to create a chain of the nodes for each variation you want.


yes, I see. Well, constructing, saving and then loading the variations does the job nicely. I guess I could even do this in a dynamic way.

Regarding 1)… for now I’ve put a RandomSpread onto the phase of a Shift (right?;), so: case closed :)