A good laptop to buy for 3D and video input/processing

Hi everyone,

It’s a long time I’m not using VVVV anymore, something like 5 years!!!
This because I had to focus a lot on my dayjob that is web based, secondly because I’m only using the company Mac (M1 atm) as personal computer.
I’m thinking about buying a very personal computer, and that would be an opportunity to return back to windows and my old friend VVVV, I’m a bit scared from the fact that my last VVVV version was beta, and VL was in its early stages (I’ve tried it but never really used).
I’ve tried touchdesigner on mac, but is far from my flow/ballpark.

Since I am a Mac user since years now, I’d like to ask you support and directions for a new Laptop.

Which features I should keep higher in the priority list?

I’d like to have the possibility to play with software feedback, video capture/webcam inputs, use 3D scenes but probably not heavy PBR stuff, maybe I can think about shadows, I’ve never been able to use shadows in my patch at the time.
My main purpose would be to process analog images and create a mixed Digital+Analog aesthetic.

For reference:

Is possible that because I’m on an 2.5k€ M1 (is owned by the company were I work) the only way to have similar performances is to spend as much money as an M1?
Maybe I’ve been hypnotised by the mac walled garden? :D
Is the machine below overkill for what I’m thinking about?

EDIT: is windows 11 OK?
SECOND EDIT: I’d probably need to be able to use 3 screens:

  • 1 to operate
  • 1 to send images to the analog system (low resolution PAL video playback)
  • 1 as stage output

The specs you posted look like they are from pc-specialist. They sell TongFang laptops that you can get cheaper and with better specs from laptopparts4less.

You can save a little bit on the CPU and focus more on a good GPU, 3060 is ok, but you should at least get a 3070 if you want to work with high resolutions and many screens. Depending on the software the 12-gen intel CPUs are a little bit better at the moment.

Also, I wouldn’t buy a 1920x1080 screen in 2022 anymore, at least look for 2560x1440.

For example:

or this one is cheaper and slimmer:

or any of the other models they sell…