A FullHD video codec built in?

hi. i know that joreg prefers avi raw, but really that would be great to fix somewhere the idea of FULL HD video playing . m2ts sounds like a good format, I used it on classical diffusion.

but with vvvv many little troubles occures, like setting topowerstretched to get color, ect etc…

so my question is, for HD video diffusion and compositing with vvvv, will there be a special HD format that vvvv team may choose, that is supported in rendering by following editing apps:
adobe premiere
sony vegas
final cut

because HD is heavy, i m not imaging one minute at all to use it in raw for HD diffusion;-)

there are ways to use HD video in vvvv.

  • HD wmv
  • picvideo codec avi
  • flash container playing f4v or flv

or if the video is short and graphics card memory high

  • use of image sequence

what do you mean with HD diffusion ?

and joreg, do you really use uncompressed avi ? :) can’t imagine that.

Hi ! i mean a FULL HD video files (1920x1080) using 10 or 5 minutes sequences for examples…
I m in contemporary theatre and dance field. no flash format.

HD wmv are quite some high, but thx for this clear answer…
I didnt choose this format for weight reasons, as the m2ts is VERY more lighter.
what about including the m2ts codec ?

hm, must be a misunderstanding. i never used raw video. i’d also use .wmv or mjpeg picvideo…but i’ve heard of others using other codecs successfully too…may they stand up and speak for themselves…

oups… so i made a misunderstanding from a previous old mail.
have you got any link to this mjpeg picvideo ?
and wich codec do you think is the better to work in HD in direct ( blending, fx, not spreading) ? yours ;-)

working in a theatre does not cancel out the use of flash video, what makes you think that ?

if you don’t need to shuttle the video and just want brilliant playback, flash is a cool option. it uses all 4 cpu’s if you have a quad core. and you don’t have any problems with sync to frame issue. flash is doing its own thing and vvvv runs fine with 60 fps.

i actually use it right now to get some videos up and running on a crappy mini mac. :)

hi wirmachenbunt !
are you using a flash renderer with everything programmed inside vvvv or are you using flash directly ?

working in a theatre does not cancel out the use of flash video, what makes you think that ?

just thinking that vvvv is more flexible and less complicated than learning action script ;-)

theatre/danse = cues, manual crossfade, feeling,
so MIDI, OSC, and moving a lot ( technically artistically ) in rehearsals so needs of versatility…

Flash: have you got a simple player to show off somewhere ? i never embedded videos, and stopped myself to Flash 5.

yours ;-)

i meant flash inside vvvv of course. i don’t like actionscript either. the idea is using flash as a codec…it’s just not played via filestream but the flash renderer + GDItexture.

i’ll do a tech demo…might take a few days ;)

Hi… hum that sounds good.
waiting your demo ;-)


I’d also love to see a tech demo of flash playback. I tried it myself but must have done something wrong because it was incredibly choppy/jerky (on a quad core+8800GT). I’ve been constantly looking for ages for some kind of rock-solid playback solution on vvvv (as in, perfectly smooth and never dropping frames or jerking etc.) I really think I’ve tried everything by now. Video playback is always so random, sometimes smooth sometimes not, regardless of what else is running in the patches or on the computer. I also work in opera/theatre sometimes and I can’t really recommend using vvvv to people because the video playback is so dodgy. It’s a real shame because vvvv is ace in so many other ways…


i dont get this thread…

hd and larger video always works like a charm untill you want to seek or switch between files often
for that purpose image sequences are the way to go up to 2048x1024 jpg-s

for videos up to 1920 x 1080 wmv is best because of gpu assisted decoding

for videos larger than hd a couple of codecs in ffdshow are a solution, last time ive tested 3840x1024 with divx,xvid and wmv vc1 (in avi container) and no problem there

make sure to use 30 fps videos because of 60 hz projectors
and set nonpow2 and wait for every 2nd frame in the videotexture

on my current machine i can play 8 layers of hd wmv
or 2 layers of 2400x600 ffdsow mjpg
or 1 layer of 3k or larger
and get 59-60 fps
and its not even a monster machine:
quad q6600 clocked to 3 ghz, ati hd 2900
and xp 32 bit because of input card drivers
and no raid either