A collaborative Drawing tool

Hi people,
I do not have much experience with this cool program “vvvv” but I’m still learning:-).
I’m trying to build a calloborative Drawing Tool, which uses Laser Pointers as pencils.
For tracking, I use “color change”, “thresholding colors” and “countour” to track the multiple red points and it works. The X and Y value from the Freeframe Countour are used with the “Queue(Spreads)” for painting and it also works but only if the points are slow enough.
I also try some paint patches from other users, where you can interact with the mouse. My Framerate is too slow for fast movements and when i use a damper it becomes crazy by multiple objects.
How can I paint multiple lines? I looked at the patch for headhole headholepatch but it doesn’t work, because It’s always only one line. I do not really understand how to use the “id” or “bin size” from the contour patch for more lines.
Am I on the right way for building a collaborative Drawing Tool with vvvv or does anyone have a better solution?
Thanks for any help
Greetings Daniel

you could pluck apart the binsizebuffer.v4p in version 1 of my drawtool, but i’m afraid it is not so obvious. i’ll try to patch a demo from scratch and post it as soon as i get it right again myself ;)

hey diki,
no need for this.

i patched a BinSize-Tutorial.

it can be found here:
User Tutorials

wonderful! you can’t get lost in this community :)

i couldn’t help patching though, and came up with this thoroughly documented patch. it’s still a little obfuscated, but once you see it through, you should have everything you need to build your collaborative drawing tool.

multiplelinesdemo_02.v4p (31.9 kB)


thanks to diki / kalle

now a lot of my problems are solved - i tried to do similar things by myself, but it made me go crazy, and now everything is so clear!

very nice tutorials and helppatches!

Yeah, thx a lot guys for the fast answers. Yes in this community you won’t get lost.
It’s a little bit hard for me to think in spreads and slices, but after such tutorials it become better.
Thx for the well documented patch diki, I realy can use this helpful multiple line function. At the first look, I do not know how to modify it, that more lines can draw at the same time, but I think I can figure it out or is it harder than it seems?

yes, spreads are vvvvery nice; they are powerful when they are working, and inspirational when they are not :)

i wanted to say that it’s easy to do multiple lines at the same time, but luckily i shut my mouth in time to try it first; it’s quite confusing (at least for me), but documented in the attached patch.

btw, when drawing multiple separate lines with Line(DX9), you need to avoid bin sizes of exactly 1; for obvious reasons, they result in glitchy drawing, destroying all the effort to keep those lines separate. that bug took some of my time once.

( edit: demo_09 is nicer to watch ;) )

multiplelinesdemo_08.v4p (57.1 kB)
multiplelinesdemo_09.v4p (53.5 kB)

has anyone any ideas on taking this a little further and drawing lines with different colours?

The line(ex9) has the bin pin that can separate our different lines, but how can we separate the colours without have lots of line(ex9) nodes? If I wanted the user to have a full pallet, then I would need maybe 80 different line(ex9) nodes, all connected to ring buffers etc. HEELLLP PLEASE!!

hi, nice patches, i made this some time ago, i hope it still working, connect your camera and draw in the air with a normal flashlight… :)

cameraline.v4p (104.7 kB)