A basic trouble on a multiple bang patch

hi everybody… far away from internet, in deep forest from france ( aaaououououou)…
i have a real trouble, because i m not thinking in the right way,sure:

this patch is a multibanger one.

on one bang i enclench a serial of other bangs wich are producing lines that are going to a precise position.
aprroach is done with arrays and vec 2d because those lines will serve also as path at for other things.

but how to make a clean, strong and more logical patch than this one ? if i have well understood, the enable pin is not accessible by spread …
and how to reset my LFO_blocked_at_one ?

any help will be very appreciated…

lines.zip (8.2 kB)

Whats about the peakspread?
At the switch in LFO subpatch, you can define your default value, which is put out if LFO run once.

peak.zip (2.6 kB)

pst… no text …

lines.zip (12.1 kB)

hi frank, thanks, i will have a look at it .
dieter, the link is broken for the xml, may you post your psst again ?
cheers ;-)

I’m a little bit dieter sometimes…

lines.zip (12.1 kB)

strange, next try.

lines.zip (12.1 kB)

the wiki seems to have a special problem with that zip, now i try a rar

lines.rar (11.0 kB)