64bit vvvv?

Hi devvvvs

I know that vvvv is a 32bit application and that is in general not really a problem for me. but as more and more drivers are 64bit it becomes more and more difficult figuring out which drivers to install for stuff like kinect and video capture devices and such.

will vvvv become 64bit some day?


eventually almost certainly quite likely.

in the meanwhile it should be that simple: since vvvv is a 32bit application it needs all 32bit drivers (even on a 64bit system).

other important points:

  • 32bit limits memory access to 2GB RAM, 64bit means we can access pretty much as much RAM as you can throw at a motherboard nowadays.
  • 32bit limits file access to 2GB filesizes, which is a particular issue for videos, especially as their resolutions increase as time goes on.
  • Any 32bit code will not work under a 64bit VVVV.

Any 32bit sections of the core have to be recompiled to run in 64bit, which is non-trivial especially if they also rely on external 32bit binary frameworks, or you’re using antiquated development systems (and there’s ‘probably’ a fair few of these gremlins deep in the core).

It’s likely fair to presume that every non .NET section of the core will need to be looked at on a 1 by 1 basis to upgrade it to 64bit, and that in doing so, there’ll be a few cases where this is far from trivial, inviting rewrites to sections to use different frameworks/platforms, and possible widespread implications for the core (perhaps triggering a base re-write of the original hosting/gui code to start again from modern frameworks).

.NET sections are easier to upgrade.
All plugins will also need to be upgraded.

my guess: 2013,2014. but also we all know never to underestimate the devvvvs!

except: there is this option that lets you use <4gb of ram on 64bit systems and <3gb on 32bit systems even with 32bit vvvv, see: system recommendations#software

shame i got 18 gigs