64bit HTMLTexture(String): Relative Local Paths & Command Lines

Hi again!

i’m rendering some HTML and CSS with HTMLTexture (EX9.Texture String).

In my CSS i’m trying to use an image as background for my


p { background: red url(vvvv.png); }

But the image can not be found during the html render process. I tried to put it next to:

Therefore i tried it with an absolut path

p { background: red url(C:/vvvv.png); }

which causes the following TTY error

Not allowed to load local resource: file:///C:/vvvv.png (about:blank:0)

So i added the appropriate command line to vvvv’s


Unfortunately none of those approaches work for me!

Next to embedded images i also want to define indifidual font-faces in CSS, but that’s the next step ;-)

Thanks for any help,

read-local-files-with-CEF3-HTMLTexture-64bit.rar (37.0 kB)

did this work before? ie. with b32.1?

Don’t use absolute filesystem paths like url(C:/vvvv.png); - they will yield the error you described.
Instead go with relative paths, like vvvv.png or …/vvvv.png or whatever - and these have to be relative to the given BaseURL. If I remember correctly, CEF is fine with unix-type paths.
I guess this problem is not related to the x64 build.

@joreg: yes it works with the 32bit beta version. for me it seems to be a 64bit alpha bug.

@readme: thanks for the hint with the baseURL and relative paths for it. using the beta version (not the alpha version) now this works for me:

base url


as well as a little bit surpisingly


and then in CSS

p { background: red url(vvvv.png); }

For the 64bit alpha version the HTMLTexture (String) renders only black/nothing (while no error in the TTY renderer pops up).

read-local-files-with-CEF3-HTMLTexture-64bit-2.rar (35.4 kB)

check with latest alpha and make sure the path ends with a trailing backslash - you don’t need to prefix the path with file:// though, the node will take care of that.

thx elias! :)