64bit Expr

Hello everyone.
Trigonometric function doesn’twork in 64bit’s “Expr (Value)”.
For example, even though I simply enter “A” to INPUT and “cos(A)” to TERM,
OUTPUT is still 0 no matter what digits I enter to A.There is no error
output as well. Do you know how to solve it?

post your patch pls

It works in 32 bit.
It does not work in 64 bit.

Expr_test.v4p (23.3 kB)

indeed the library this node is using internally says that those functions are not implemented for x64. how about using Expr (Value Advanced) instead?

Excuse me. I am poor at English.

It was the same result even if it used “Expr(Value Advanced)” .
Since I wanted to use “arctan”,“cos”,“tan”, I substitute “Sin (Differential)” and “Points2Vector (2d)” now.

Thank you for answering.

should work in the upcoming release. thx for report.