50beta41 issues on win10?

i am running windows 10 via bootcamp on a macbookpro.
vvvv was running as fine as expected, but in last 2 days behaved very strange.
for example:

  • “save as” wouldn’t work, only by closing the window could i save the patch
  • crashes while transforming a quad
  • crash when trying to put an object onto a blank “callmenames” patcher. (lots of blank help windows would pop up and freeze v4)
  • and then, after 2 or 3 such failed starts, it looks like back to normal again …
    i am a little bit ratlos :-)

are there any known issues with windows 10 ?
(i was used to win7 or nt but win10 seems a bit too user friendly)

sorry to be unprecise, but i didn’t know where to start debugging.

i should also mention that i installed gamma on the same machine, but that should not be a problem with vvvv, no?

kind regards!

Hi, looks like it’s an issue with bootcamp, try see Renderer TTY. Or start vvvv with logstartup…

There is no known issues like this… Possible system or vvvv installation file corruption, or driver issue.

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