400fps+ cam recommendation

hi all,

I need a camera for a permanent installation with a minimum of 1080p@400fps.
Any recommendations?

Thanks, A

with a continuous stream of rgb that’s 18 gigabit a second of raw data. are you sure?
and even if you find a cam that can do that, you’ll have a hard time to process that crazy amount of data.

I think the only way to do that is to film only (very) short bursts with a dedicated slomo cam, and some slower but managable data transfer from internal memory.

We just need to do 2 to 4 seconds shots. I am open for any combination of cam and framegrabber that works well with vvvv.

Maybe have a look at Basler.

They have a pretty extensive choice of cameras.

I remember seeing ones with even higher framerates at quite high resolutions.
Can’t seem to find it again tho…

EDIT: Ximea’s that was it :))

there’s also some pcie cameras with an announced bus speed of 64 Gbit/s @333fps for 4k frames!

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interesting cams! thx guys

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