4 screens set up

Hi guys,

I am trying to set up a machine that outputs to 4 screens. I am aiming to have a cylindrical set up with a resolution around 1024 x 768 per screen.

I know this has been discussed before, but as technology and prices are constantly changing, what graphics cards/method would you guys recommend?

  1. Two mid range range geforce / ATI cards in SLI/crossfire?

  2. One high end card with a matrox triplehead to go? In this case, the set up will need to be one dvi output split into 3 and the other dvi out for the 4th screen? Will this work with one renderer?

  3. A quad-dvi graphics card?

Oh and I forgot to mention.
I am using windows 7 64-bit.

why not go for an ati eyefinity 6 port card? for vvvv that seems to work quite nicely…

well you can’t use 2 tripleHead2go’s with windows 7 so only choice is eyefinity

In your opinion and experience, If i want to display on four monitors, would span mode be compulsory?

Or would it be possible to use four different renderers, one in each screen?

(therefore I could get away with buying the more budget option of two cheaper cards instead of one 6 card eyefinity and all its accompanying cables)

Hi ! Span mode will give you really better results in terms of performance than 2 renderers. So i presume that 4 will have same result. There is also boygrouping alternativ.

i recommend Eyefinity6 HD6970 DirectCU II

with “real” Display Port outlets, not the “mini”-ones…
and 4 active Displayport–>DVI adaptors.

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