4 fullHD outputs, 1 PC

Hi vvvvorum,
I’m designing a setup with 4 fullHD outputs from 1 PC. 3 are projections with softedge and 1 is a control monitor. What is the best hardware solution? 1 super GPU like Nvidia GTX Titan series or 2 smaller GPU in SLI mode like Nvidia GTX series 6/7? Are there today any issues with vvvv and 2 GPU in SLI?

I red also this thread but it’s 2 years old: https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/9173

I think SLI mode disables the ouput from one card

SLI mode works with vvvv? And what about using dual graphic card setup without SLI?


I used 4 fullHD display in 1 PC with NVIDIA GeForce GTX.
sorry I cannot remember actual model, but something like this:

PC was Intel i7.

I didn’t try 2 graphic cards and SLI mode, but it works well.

So 1 Nvidia GTX series 7 or upper with 4 output connectors should has no problems to manage 4 fullHD, right?

well, this depends of course in the content. the pixel count shouldn’t be a problem, but if you render crazy shader fluid simulations you can overload the card also with only one full hd screen…

you also might you to take a sneak peak at elliot’s findings on the ATI cards: https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/7474
the ATI card it is a bit picky on adapters though.

oops, somehow my post was gone.

for me, yes. I did project with 4 fullHD LCD for playing movie, processing user input from RS232, using lots of texture with Player node, and playing audio.
vvvv was 31.2, so boot in /dx9ex mode.

I use a GTX770 with five displays all the time - the 600 and 700 series support four displays per card, but you can split the DisplayPort output to two. So three outputs at 1920x1080, and one at 3840x1080 to two more.

These cards don’t generally break a sweat with four HD displays, as that’s really just one 4K display. I find that vvvv being single-threaded is far more often the bottleneck rather than the GFX card.

And SLI is NOT what you want as noted above - also because the 3D acceleration gets directed to ONE output, that has to be your main windows display.

Thanks guys!