4 cameras with 30-40m cable

Hey everone,

i am in some situation where i need to have 4 video cameras that ware arround 30-40m away from the computer.
wireless is not an option for me.

right now i have 2 two cheap and 2 not so cheap sourveilance cams with two cheat usb video grabbers (with empia chipset if that helps you) and two capture cards with btwincap driver (btw is it normal that i cant change brightness value and so on in the driver or did i do something wrong ). The image needs to be keyed to an ok level, but due to a lot of camera noise and ever changing colors (the cameras switch to ir mode sometimes) and general bad image quality it wont work allright.
I was considering to buy 4 logitech c920 webcams but to get the long cabeling done would exeed my budget.
basicly what i need is best image quality for 4 cams for max 500€. Does anyone have a suggestion ?

Thanks a lot in advance

I’ve tested and used 44 m USB2 extention
but I’ve never tested multiple setup of

thank you thats very informative
so the deloc stuff acutally wors ? i just read the amazon reviews that were mixed, specialy about usb 2.0 webcams and hd resolutions ?
do you have any idea how much those ids cams are ? for example the one you mentioned ? usb2 UI-1220LE-M-GL
it only says price on request. i just need a general direction. is it 100 or 500 €

pretty expensive

CAMs.v4p (2.0 kB)