4-5 Button Mouse

Hi everyone,

Question: Is there a Node/Possibility to get the Button-Actions of a four or five button-mouse?

Mouse (System Global/Window) only offers LEFT, MIDDLE and RIGHT –Button in Outputpins. How can I read the other Button-Actions?

Any ideas?

hi rizmo

my idea is
try some Windows key remappers
for example that one
or googling another)

set keyboard keys equal to mouse buttons. and use keyboard node to detect pressing.

i have usual 3button mouse and i changed middle button to F5 key in two minutes now

hope that helps

Maybe its not even necessary to use a keyremapper. Just create a keyboard node and see if it outputs anything when you press one of the non-standard buttons.

Thanx a lot for your ideas!

actually I hadn’t time to test it, so far. But I’ll post my experiences as soon as possible…