3d XYZ position converted to 2d XY position (kinect 3d hand pos to 2d particle system)

Hi guys,

I have a 3d XYZ position (hand position tracked by Kinect openNI) which I would like to “convert” to a simple 2d position which I can then use with 2d particle plug in. I am guessing this should involve the camera view/projection and maybe APPLYTRANSFORM node, however I am not using a camera but the “PERSPECTIVE(transform Kinect)” node connected to the RENDERER, exactly the same way as it is in the OpenNI Kinect HAND Help patch… So what I am missing? how do I “convert” or project this XYZ coordinate so that I only get its 2d XY coordinates?

First question on the forum guys, so forgive me if it’s not perfect.

Peace out! Cheers

PS: I would supply a patch but really it’s the same set up as in the Open NI HAND help patch.

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3D to 2D.v4p (4.5 kB)

Wicked antokhio, simple, efficient, exactly what I was after. Thankx a lot man. When you’re down in London town, I’ll buy you a beer. Peace

@evvvil antokhio don’t drink only 1 beer… its way more expensive hahha
great patch i was looking for something similar!