3D scene in a single mesh

hola! question … as I can generate a 3D scene by attaching a box, sphere, xfile … in the same mesh. and each is processed separately … try the MeshEditor Sample with Xfile which contained all the different geometry and it worked, but … can be done differently?

so this would apply in SoftShadows, and have become shadow between them (does not work if they are all in a grouphttp://vvvv.org/documentation/Group-%28EX9%29))

sorry I used google translate, thanks!!

3D scena attempt (26.1 kB)

… no text …

3Dscene (1).v4p (27.4 kB)

nice trick

Hi, Thanks for the tip!. I was working and achieve a step further, I still have some questions …

I’m looking for some way to split the textures for each geometry, you think of any other option?.

the most important …
when you want to put several geometries in a scene, because it is a rendering of each?, what is the explanation professional?


Escena3D.v4p (33.8 kB)