3D projection help

I want to project a different quicktime video file on each of a cardboard cubes visible surfaces (3 surfaces). I have done this already with other software but the further the projection beam traveled the larger it would magnify, so the projection would never perfectly cover the cube. (please see attached image)

If anyone knows how to fix this it would be much appreciated I am a extreme newbie to vvvv!

test4.jpg (60.7 kB)


I would recreate the object (your cube with holes) in 3d as a .x file (with softwares like solidworks, catia or others…)

Then import it in vvvv (there is a node for that) then I would use my video as a texture onto it.

Look for example patches in the girlpower with the texturized teapot.

I hope that was helpfull.


Hi Thanks for the reply. I have looked in the girlpower folder and the only patch I can find that has a teapot in it is ‘color cube’.

Once I have a .x cube object in vvvv how can I compensate for the projector beam magnification?


the trick is the following:

put the virtual cube in the same spacial relation to the virtual camera as the real cube to the real projector (a folding ruler is the weapon of choice here).

if you then fit the virtual fov to the light cone of the real projector, the image of the virtual cube should be thrown exactly on the real cube.

Wow sounds perfect. Would anyone be willing to put something togethor for this project? If the project is publicly displayed I will put your name and link in the credits.

I want to be able to texturise each side of the cube with a different movie file (or alternativly with a vvvv render.

You could build the 3 sides you want to project onto out of quads, and put a video texture onto each quad, form here once you have the projector and surfaces set up you could then manipulate each quad with the video on in 3d space so that they fit onto the surface.
Heres a quick patch, the hardest part will be aligning the projector/quads & surface.
Heres a quick patch which should do the job nicely!


Quick Video Cube.v4p (10.8 kB)

Once I know the FOV of my projector how can I put this value in VVVV. It seems the values I can put in a projector are not in degrees. Must I do a kind of conversion!?

Another extreme newbie!