3D print workshop at node, what kind of stuff you want to print?


Right now im preparing some patches to create models to print out at our 3d print workshops at node. Were using OpenSCAD, so the output is rather precise technical shapes than organic soft shapes. We will show how we used 3d printing for our own projects so far and also prepare the exercises with this in focus, but if you have something particular in mind or any nice ideas we could focus on that in the preparation of the exercises as well.

Let us know your ideas!

Do we actualy have a 3d printer at node?

yes we have 3 ultimaker, one prusa/mendel and one makerbot replicator so far.

if youre in the workshop i (and probably the rest of the crowd) would be very interested in your experiments with dx11 shaders and 3d printing. i saw some pictures of your results and they look great.

awesome 1 week with 5 printers could be very productive.

I will join you tuesday afternoon and if there is some time I can show something, sure.

But 5 printers for 1 week…

you could print some kind of iron man suit with that…

or a joreg statue…

is it PLA or ABS?


at least two ultimakers have a heated bed. so its possible to print abs on them. for the third one im not sure. prusa mendel is very likely to have a heatbed as well. makerbot is pla only…

ingo randolf which also hosts the workshop said he can also bring some special material samples, like rubbery stuff, pet etc. i can bring some nylon and some small samples of this wood and clay stuff.

great I am looking forward!
If you have enough nylon I would eventualy like to print something bigger which I designed already. Can give you the money of course.
I just dont have a printer available that would be allowed to print with that material.

found nylon extremly hard to print. i hardly sticks to the bed and warps heavily. theres some special materials you can put on the heatbed just for nylon. i think there made from cellulose or something like that. should help but never tried. maybe we can find one in ff.

I’m not part of the workshop, but how cool would it be to print the little patcher

what do you think about the modelling process of a turbine propeller?
the pale profile look like this:

little patcher is a good idea to start with openscad as it is quite simple… a propeller is allready a bit harder as openscad dont have a function for doing lofts. you can create this kind of objects by creating a polyhedron but this actualls means you have to skript the whole geometr by yourself. think this probably allready a bit to much for the workshop.but there are actually several propeller scripts allready done by other poeple as modules. lets try to use them in v4…