3D positions problem from Collada model's VertexBuffer

Hi all,

I would like to use the vertex positions from VertexBuffer node from two different imported collada files, a sphere and a cube (exported from blender 2.9) to generate 3D positions for a simple object. In the attached patch it can be used a switch to see the difference between them. The original meshes (attached) contains 42 vertices in both cases, but in vvvv, for some reason are imported far more values, and what I don’t understand, there are different number of values for the two meshes (528 and 720), despite that they have the same vertex count. For 42 vertexes (for their X,Y and Z coordinates) in both cases it would be 3x42 =126 positions in the 3D space or I am wrong?

Structure.zip (8.7 KB)

This due to the fact that when mesh imported it’s processed to give you triangles in order, depending on internals, you get whole list (three points per triangle) or something else… anyways for you case that way makes more sense:

Structure 1.v4p (27.5 KB)

Thank you antokhio, I understand now, and thanks for the correction in the patch :)

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