3d model , transalted to a Quaternion J set

Hey i was just palying with the quaternions, when i saw that when it looses strucutre,it goes from a very solid round thingy to Fibers that go desintegrating till nothing is left.

i am still noobish when it comes to 3d and 4d space in VVVV
but is it possible to Model a person in Z brush, export it and convert it to a Quaternion??? to achieve this desintegrating effect.

i dunno wild idea, i dont even know if its possible or is it in some violation of some rule of the quaternions :B

quaternion.bmp (211.4 kB)

i hope i made sense :B

as far as i know the result of the quaternion shader is a ‘projection’ of a complex more-than-three-dimensional formula into 3d space (similar to that four-dimensional cube) - it does not really operate on any discrete ‘source material’, so to speak. i don’t know of any obvious way to join the two (discrete mesh model & n-dimensional formula) into one.
as a surrogate, you might like what happens to a mesh model when you run it through some fluid- or soft-body physics simulations, for example using blender.