3D Mapping Texture not Properly

Hello folks,

i have already asked for help with my Project.
Now i’ve got some more questions :).

Iam doing a 3d mapping projection and i have made a 3d model with 3dsmax.
But when i try to let a stripe moving over the model the stripe is not transformed properly.
So my question is whats wrong with the model?

Thank you

root.v4p (58.4 kB)
modifiedMesh2.rar (1.8 kB)

Hello Mate,

I am beginner and maybe my points are not appropriate, however i would like to say something i noticed to my beginners knowledge.

  • The xfile is not at the center of the grid, set x-0, y-0 & z-0 from you 3d application before exporting.

  • The xfile is too small, you can ofcourse scale it here but its good practice if you export in fair enough size

  • The xfile seems to have no UV/subset. Please read this https://discourse.vvvv.org/

  • and i dont see you DX texture connected to any other pins to process its data any furthur to map on surface.

As i said, i am beginner and maybe i am wrong… but i am sure more experts will be answering you here and set you in right direction.

Have a great day!

Hey thank you.

i made a new mesh with UV Mapping.
Its working much better but still not perfect!
Its also very strange, when i try to save the subsets via kalles GetSubsets the faces in the front of the model are not available!?

And now i got the question, when i get the model right and its possible to select every Subset and save them. How i get them into pointEditor in the right way.
Do i have to make a spread of String with all subsets and connect that to the xFile Node?

Thank you

thething.rar (5.0 kB)