3D mapping projection

Hi everyone, I am wondering if here is someone who has ever done a 3D mapping setup. I would like to get more detailed information about such kinds of projects like the one described manually-matching-a-static-virtual-projector-with-a-real-projector
thnx in advance

so, what detail are you looking for?

Lets say, I have a long building that I have to cover with a 3D projection. In order to cover the whole are I need to use 3 wide angle projections. How do I synchronize all 3 projectors, that will project a certain part of the video, with one computer?

one computer 3 projectors means ONE renderer on second output, splitted physically by a Triple head


Maybe have a look through some examples from the node mapping workshop, where we use a few different methods of lining up realworld and modelspace, and as kairstouf says a triple head is the way to go, rather than syncing multiple pc’s, but it does depend on what your trying to achieve…

cant access your link to see what you want to achieve, seems pretty simple

Thnx for the replies regarding the synchronizing. It looks like https://www.dataton.com/#/store/product/watchoutstarterkit WATCHOUT player is the best one in the market, but also is pretty expensive. I am wondering if there are any less costly substitutes?

I have another question regarding the setup process. Bellow, as an example, I posted a picture of a building that could be used as a platform for 3D mapping. My question is next - How to locate beamers, so I will be able to cover also the tower of the building? Is it possible to do from down, adjusting the keystones?

Will be very thankful for any help.

hehe, m8 you try to play with fire. you know how much bright beamers you need to cover 1000 sqt.m. it’s humingous brightness like 20 of 30k beamers.
and even if you find enought, you need to map each sync them… I can only sugest you hire someone. Because mapping is really a state of art, and you can’t just say here is picture and scale of the building c’mon.
Every time we do an building, is quite unique. You have first to get there walk around then decide, where is your beamers and how you gonna map them.
Then is production is really costy due to overal resolution and a complexness of structure.

i agree with antokhio, ) but a good solution for almost any surface is to model it in a 3d modeling environment like 3dmax/etc and then export/import model to vvvv then map it with your visuals…

specially if you thread is “3D mapping” belive me it quite different from datatone, hipotizer and catalyst ;]

also in this case you may prefer a boygrouping setup instead of using a Triplehead.

definitely no beginner-setup.

talking about watchout, for several time, i made 3d mapping with 3ds max - AE - dataton watchout, the area itself covered up to 70m with 4 projectors setup. it’s done and got no problem at all. last time i’ve tried to setup 21 projectors (150m) synchronized with watchout and just ok. the only problem is watchout even ventuz is no cheap guys.

just started vvvv for a week and i think i’ve been addicted ;)
so far i tried boygrouping, multiscreen, timeline, and still learning the others…