3D Mapping on cube faces

Hey folks,

I would like to create a 3D illusion on a couple of cubes by projection mapping (see attached image). In the first instance I am about to build a simple virtual setup with only one cube in vvvv. A never-ending rope shall wind around this cube. (The spectator´s view falls on three faces of the cube.)
My current problem is the correct texturing of the cube faces. I cannot manage to cover two faces (white area) with one continous texture (grey area), which is also created in vvvv. Later on, I will map another texture on the third face, which will result in a continous pattern.

I will be happy about any advices =)

WürfelTextur.zip (19.8 kB)

not sure, but i think multiscreen can do that. take a look at catweasel brilliant contribution

nice one. This might help. I´ll try

I thought about multi-screen-homography. It might be the right approach to solve my problem, but it doesn´t help for covering two complete cube faces with a whole (uncropped) picture.
I would like to map one whole continuous pattern onto two faces. What I need is to set the aspect ratio from the renderer that shows the white area with the pattern on it to a way higher width than hight. Additionally, I will need to split up this pattern into two and transform the points of each half of the picture that they fit perfectly the cube faces [(node:Homography](https://vvvv.org/documentation/(node:Homography) or 2DGridDistort will do that last part.)
I already tried to make different setting for the renderer´s aspect ratio, but this doesn´t change the white area, but the grey pattern area only.

I am not shure if this is a correct approach to map a 3D continious pattern to several cubes, anyway. Alternatively, I could already design a 3D pattern (which refers to the cube setup) and therefore avoid the texturing problem…

another approach could use a box imported as collada file. Than you could put the texture to wrap the whole box, and maybe afterwards adjust it with homography or grid editor to fit the real box. see the patch attached. Note that here the texture will wrap according to the imported uv map that the box has.

BasicCollada.zip (16.3 kB)

Hey Helena!

As far as I understood your project you want to set up a projection mapping on a cube, eh? Have you tried to use the patch from Prototyping Interfaces? See http://prototypinginterfaces.com/6-2/

All you have left to do is to split your texture into two. You can do that with a translate-(transform) and the Texture Transform pin. To maintain the quality of your texture it helps to set the Backbuffer Width pin of the primary renderer twice as large as the Backbuffer Width pins of the secondary renderers (because you cut the texture in half).

You can then use the texture with the patch from Prototyping Interfaces.
Let me know if that helped at all =)



Patch splits renderer texture into two halves (31.8 kB)