3D globe connect 2 Points around the globe help


I am looking for a way, to connect 2 points on a globe (i allready drawed spheres on the globe for the points to connect), and now i am looking for a way to connect both points.

I need fast help. Maybe anyone got some good ideas, since i cannot figure out how to do a curve between 2 3d points.

I found the line/FromTo, which connect my 2 points. Now i just need a way to transform the line into a curve around my globe. Maybe anyone can help me pls

I am really despret, since I cannot finde a solution. B-Spline does not work for me. And with Line(fromTo) i can draw a strait line, but i have no clue how i could band this Line in anyway. I just a connection between point A and B on the outside of my Globe.

almost_curve.v4p (12.5 KB)

not really a curve but if can work for you… curves do not exist anyway … just spread it

does it have to be an arc that is on the surface? if not you can use splines from A to B and use control points that are a bit over the surface. this would be relative simple and gives you a bowed line from A to B with adjustable curvature.

if you want to use the Line (EX9) node and it must be on the surface, then you need two vectors from the center C to the points on the sphere. a = A - C and b = B - C. the cross product of the two vectors is the rotation axis that can rotate A towards B. if you know the angle between a and b you can then interpolate from a to b.

arc on sphere.zip (16.9 KB)

tonfilm it does not have to be on the surface. how would the solution with splines look like? im really impressed by your line solution allready. Im really thankful for you guys help. Also io, thanks alot. I cant tell you guys how much you helped me with this.

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