3d-Buttoning .x-file with several different objects


I’m trying to make 3d-Buttons out of a .x-file that contains several different meshes. I tried a combination of the nodes shown in the 3d-Button vvvv-help and the patch elektromeier gave me some time ago. But all I get looks like this: when moving the mouse above the objects, not the one that should be is highlighted but the “highlighting” jumps quickly from one mesh to another, all without sense.

To see what I mean I’ll load up the patch as I got it till now. Simply unzip it in a folder called “tests” inside the modules folder.

Can’t really figure out how to solve this. Probably its an easy thing and I only don’t missunderstand the function of one or more nodes… >_>

tests.rar (432.1 kB)

hi, the intersect node can’t handle mesh subsets. but i will add that feature for the next release. please be patient…


What else would achieve a similar result? I thought about loading each part of the mesh as single file (would be 16 or more .x-files, but that doesn’t matter). The problem was that (of course) every object was the “first” one. They aren’t related to each other. But at the moment I can’t see a way to handle that :(

inside the button module is a logic to get the nearest, you have to cons the necessary infos and connect it there. i would modify the module itself, just ‘unspread’ the intersect part, and cons the outputs as it where a single one…

Is this more (or less) complicated than I think or am I just too silly? I can’t find a way to get this to work.
Maybe it’s only the aftereffect from illness.

May you give me some more hints or tips?

the Intersect (Mesh Subset) is already coded and works. but there is a bug in GetSlice (Node) and unfourtanetly in IOBox (Node). the mesh changed information is not passed thru these nodes. the subset intersection method needs a sorted and optimized mesh, this is very slow atm with a big mesh because the optimization gets done every frame… send me a message, if your project is urgent…

Would be nice to test it some day, but for now I found other ways to get the result I want. I will wait till it gets official released and try it then.
For now woei’s Buttons will do the job.