360 sphere screen projection!?

Hello world! I have a project for some museum and we want to create a 360 sphere projection, i know that there are some fish eye projectors lenses that work, but they are kind of expensive, does any one know something about this topic? may be using other technical solution? I really appreciate your advices, have a great day vvvv world!!!


Fisheye lens your best bet, mapping on sphere with 6 beamer is more complex and normally takes fiber-optic-DVI’s (depending on size of your sphere) then if it’s a permanent install mapping will need a maintenance and corrections all the time…

Tnks for your advice antokhio, we are gonna have a look for some cheap fish eye projector lenses, the only problem has been the price, but may be we can find some good deal, we are also thinking on external front projection, may be using 3, we are gonna try it, have a great day there!!

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