34.2 x86 version not running on x64

Hi. I need to use a x86 version to use VVVV with a PS 3 eye and CL eye driver (known to work only with x86 version), on a windows 10

i have 34.2 version in x64 installed, working fine, but the x86 version despite an installation of the vc redits 2012 is not working. It stays freezed on launch, and deosnt show up anything than the logo.

any tips any hint ?

or any idea on how to use a ps3 eye with the x64 version ?

thanks !

hei karistouf, can you run this with /logstartup and post the result here?

thanks joreg, i got it: i had given another name to vvvv.exe. (vvvv_ps_eye.exe) it was this problem. thanks a lot