3 displays

hi all

been looking around on the forum but could not find this topic (I expected one actually) so lets make a new topic!

I want to attach 3 monitors to my pc, two on my radeon 9250 and one on my onboard vga chip. is this possible?

I have three monitors hooked up now but the one on the vga chip does not show anything, how can i fix this?

I probably will have to activate the chip in the bios or something, can anybody tell me how that works?

and is this even possible?


Chances are your onboard chip wont work with another gfx card attached, I think they effectively use the same bus, but it might be different on your machine so check your bios
other options
maxtrox triplehead2go is a solution, or add another gfx card if you have spare slots

catweasel, thanks for your reply

In my bios/CMos I can only change my primary slot from agp to pci. Ive been looking to my motherboard and it said this:

FSB 1066
P4M800PRO-M2 REV:2.0

I hope this gives the right info to see what kind of motherboard I have? anybody knows if itll be possible to activate my onboard vga chip?

I have no agp slots anymore but I do have pci slots, what is a good card to use? or can i use any old one?

had seen the priplehad allready, but its quite expensive isnt it?