27.1 gui a lot faster /smoother

i’m working on an update of for an old exhibit, running 27.1 and i’m amazed how smooth and fast the GUI works. what happend in the meantime ?

in the process of getting vvvv to become 64bit compatible we had to upgrade the library that we use for drawing the gui (addflow) which in turn causes those troubles. we’re not happy about this either…but you know…for now…

while patching oftenly the text/iovalues are suddenly not being displayed anymore (happens on all machines i worked on).
text is redrawn as soon as i move the window out of the visible screen and back in again or hiding and reshowing.

does this have anything to do with the addflow update? this behaviour is a little bugger, but still a bugger…

@motzi: could help to toggle update view (ctrl+u) twice

@motzi that is indeed a known problem since beta1. usually to get them redrawn you’d simply have to hover one of the ioboxes. that triggers a redraw.

na na, its not resolved ;)