24 displays possible


I want to implement an application with 24 displays. The content consists only of simple texts and images. Could this donw with with one machine, e.g. two quadro graphics cards and Matrox triple head adapter on eacht output?

Hey I haven’t tried myself but you get an ATI card with 6x DP and this one

I remember somebody did it in the past… content must be moderate though. there are a lot of pixels to be rendered there…

not sure, one graphicscard can handle 4 outputs with 3 tripleheads each. there’s some upper limit concerning pixel count.

i was working on an installation with one pc, 4 atis with 6 outputs each. although only five per card were connected, his option will 99% sure work out.
as io said, you have to be careful content though. it’s quite some load the system has to handle. only text and image sounds fine though

Also, try to use multiple instances, one for each graphics card.