2022.5 Not loading dependency from VL Nuget menu

I’m ona fresh install of vvvv 2022.5.0-280-5ca8d31026

  • In
    I have installed VL.Polytools using the command
    nuget install VL.PolyTools
    (Which correctly gets latest version 1.0.7)

  • I have created a new document call-me-names-blabla.vl

  • In this document I can see VL.PolyTools in the Dependencies>VL Nugets menu and I have selected it. (In the sub menu that opens it looks correct listing the .vl files and helppatches etc.)

  • When I open the nodebrowser I cannot see any nodes from VL.PolyTools

  • This is fixed by starting (From GammaLauncher) with ‘No Cache’ option enabled

More info

  • in 2022.5_280 IF I use Dependencies>Files>Add File to directly reference the file
    Then this works as expected

  • However also in 2022.5-280: The VL.Polytools Helppatches DO appear in the help browser and work ok. They directly reference the VL.PolyTools file.

  • In 2021.4.10 Stable: VL.PolyTools works as expected from the VL Nugets menu.

  • In 2021.4.11-1227: VL.PolyTools works as expected from the VL Nugets menu.

Just checked with 301 and it works as expected - can you confirm?

Yes appears to work fine in 301, thanks!