[2021.4 - 471] String IOBoxes don't update unless deleted and re-created

Morning all,

I have a patch that makes a REST query in an AsyncTask and displays the response in a String IOBox after a HoldLatest.

When I open my patch and fire the query, it succeeds but the IOBox does not display anything. If you hover the output pin of HoldLatest, there’s indeed something there : one has to delete the string IOBox and re-create it to see the result.


Hm, any patch you can share? I tried to reproduce your issue with this one but no luck :/

It only seems to happen if you open the patch starting a fresh vvvv, I managed to repro here with the same setup you’re using :


StringOnStartup.vl (7.3 KB)

So the repro steps would be to start a new vvvv instance with this patch, bang Trigger and this should happen :)

Can reproduce with 472.

Yes thanks, now it was reproducible as well. Fixed for upcoming.

noted, thanks!

Don’t know if it is the same bug or just something similar:

From the patch @benju posted here.
Tested with 1. 2021.4.0-605.
When vvvv is started by opening the patch the ioboxes are “broken”.
When first starting vvvv and then the patch they work.

Same happens with patch I posted here:

I can confirm that I had exactly the same issue like @bjoern with those numbers before as well.

Thanks again. The initialization order of the patch editor / runtime was flawed causing the editor to not subscribe to the startup patch. Fixed in upcoming builds.

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