[2020.4 - 0178] Replacing a Blur by BlurGlow throws exception when connecting an IOBox

hello there,

when replacing a Blur by a BlurGlow by double-clicking the node (not deleting and re-creating), creating an IOBox from the Shape pin throws :

Unable to cast object of type `System.Single` to type `Stride.Graphics.Texture`

repro steps :

  • connect a Blur to any Texture source
  • double-click the Blur and replace it with BlurGlow
  • click the Shape pin and create an IOBox with middle-click
  • exception pops

2020.4 156 shows the same behavior.


Alles gut if you delete the Blur and then create a BlurGlow.

PS : what happened to CTRL+SHIFT+C allowing to copy error messages?

edit : just tested 178, which also shows the same behavior

thanks for the report, this should be fixed now. let us know if it happens again.

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