[2020.3 - 0068] vvvv becomes unresponsive when digging Elementa

hello there,

after some time, when lurking in Elementa’s depths, vvvv becomes totally unresponsive for +/- 10 seconds when doing simple things such as adding a node, inspecting a tooltip or adding a point on a link.

the blue circle of death appears, and windows prompts the “wait for program to respond” alert box.

it also occurred that vvvv would become unresponsive (stuck in “New IL Compilation”), and pressing CTRL+S would instantly bring it back to life.

this behavior is not present on 2020.2.2.

to repro :

  • in VL.Elementa, checkout this commit : 433ccb4 (on the dev_seb branch)
  • open the Use a Panel help patch from the help browser
  • there, create a Scrollbar node and plug it to the Panel
  • go inside the scrollbar node and start adding point to links and drag them around (seems this happens all the time when doing this)
  • the freeze should happen
  • sometimes, after the error message is gone, vvvv stays unresponsive and says “New IL compilation in the making”, but doing a CTRL+S makes it usable instantly.


happy to provide more details if necessary.


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Maybe the same issue or at least related (highlighted part):

these kind of issues are also tracked here:

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thanks for the pointer @tonfilm, the fact vvvv ceases to respond made me think it could have been something different.

Yes, it looks like a new behavior. I just wanted to link the topics.

Can you confirm that when deleting the out box of the Vector3D node in the main patch things go back to normal?

Ah! Did not see that… Indeed, looks like vvvv is less susceptible when removing it :) Could not repro anymore until now. Will update here if that happens again. Thanks for the pointer!

Upcoming builds should fix this new behaviour.



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