[2020.1 - Release] Creating an IOBox of type System.Numerics.Vector2 throws exception

hey there,

when importing a nuget that uses System.Numerics.Vector2 and trying to create an IOBox of that type from a pin, gamma throws an exception and creates this ghost IOBox :


Full exception is here (Specified cast is not valid).

hey devvvvs,

Is System.Numerics something you consider worthwhile?
I guess this is closely related to the stance Stride is going to take on adoption, but wanted to ask anyway.

The crash is fixed for upcoming builds. The link will turn red because the IO box created by the UI has our vector type. This is obviously not optimal but at least it hints to the root problem, how to extend the UI with custom editors to support libraries with their own vectors. And @velcrome yes that’s probably worth discussing on a broader scale whether or not those SIMD accelerated vectors should be made use of inside of Stride.

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