[2020.1.7] Gamma throws exceptions when editing Elementa's Core documents

hei there,

first of all, sorry for the vague title and description. not realy sure what’s going on here.

I’m working on some cleanups in Elementa, and almost every time I’m editing something in one of the core documents, gamma starts throwing exceptions each time something is modified (pad name change, pin visibility, etc). here’s the last exception I had :

VL.Lang.Platforms.Roslyn.EmitException: D:\Documents\dev\vvvv\libraries\VL.Elementa\vl\Widget\VL.Elementa.Widget.Dropdown.vl.cs(1109,23): error CS0029: Cannot implicitly convert type '_VL_Elementa_Widget_Dropdown_.VL.Elementa.Widget.VL_Elementa_Widget_DropdownApplication_Q2WZfZFlXGtNkFWea91I5s [D:\Documents\dev\vvvv\libraries\VL.Elementa\vl\Widget\VL.Elementa.Widget.Dropdown.vl.cs(1101)]' to '_VL_Elementa_Widget_Dropdown_.VL.Elementa.Widget.VL_Elementa_Widget_DropdownApplication_Q2WZfZFlXGtNkFWea91I5s [VL.Elementa.Widget.Dropdown.vl.HTxLgtbSsbINUTlDAghkhX, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null]'

full exception is here.

steps to repro :

  • check out to this commit on the dev_seb branch
  • open gamma, and from the helpbrowser open the Use a StackY help patch
  • from there, navigate inside StackY/StackY/CommonLayoutTechnique_M (Advanced)
  • try to change the name of a pad or an input-pin to something else : the exception is thrown
  • click Continue, and modify something else, the exception is thrown again

looks like making a recompile solves the issue, until something else is changed.

happy to provide some more feedback if necessary!


edit: updated commit number

Can you try to delete the .vl dir with the dll inside? Would be good to know how that relates

hey there,

That one popped again while editing a node’s documentation (CTRL+M).The exception would pop at each keystroke. I deleted the .vl folder as you suggested : it stayed quiet for a few secs and then started again.

Thanks for the detailed report. Should be fixed in upcoming builds.



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