2019.2 vvvv gamma silently crashes upon opening previously working patch (Schéma)


in my Schéma project I have a rather hefty Core VL document (~12MB). I do plan on making it leaner by splitting it up but I was hoping I could do that as part of porting to 2019.2.

However whenever I open that document either directly or via another document that references the blue bar starts progressing slowly and after a little bit vvvv gamma silently crashes. I watched memory usage in the task manager and it barely rises and for sure doesn’t look like it’s running out.

Problematic patches sent to devvvvs.

I have worked around this by copying the patch over in parts from b39, copying everything at once caused a crash as well. Maybe just too much for 2019.2 to update at once or some little fixes I did along the way helped. I will keep both versions for reference if you’re interested but the issue doesn’t seem to be so critical anymore.

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