2 videoprojector output /boygroup?

hiya there,
i’m working on my finals using vvvv. so far i used 2 computers and a videomixer that generates one output on one video projector. i want to display my output as 16:9 using two video projectors.

the boygroup feature uses tcp/ip to send the data to a server comp that distributes to clients…how do i get the signal from the videomixer
to be displayed on two beamers?

any help would be cool. thanks martin

hmmm… let’s see: you have one video signal from the mixer and want to display it on two projectors connected to two computers.

  1. first you’ll have to connect the video Out of your Mixer to each computer.
  2. then you have to make a patch with a renderer (same size as one of your beamers) and make a quad with the video as texture (connect via a video in node).
  3. the only difference between the two computers is, that they display another part of the video. so you can use the boygroup ID to move the quad to different positions inside the renderer. but you could also forget about boygrouping and open the patch on each computer and adjust the position there.

note: boygrouping DOES NOT transmit Video, Audio or any other kind of Media Data to the clients. Just the patches!

hi ampop…i thought about the approach you mention as well…with the only difference to send one signal from the mixer to the server… the signal though is pal…this means it would be via s-video for best quality.
when i connect a camera via s-video/vidseotexture to a quad it has a time delay…this would be not good for realtime quality visuals.
did you try that? any expreience from the field? no speed issues displaying?
opening the patch on two computers doesn’t work if you want to mix the patches wtih the mixer…and not use maaany computers…
cheers jannis

there will always be some delay. you can minimzie that by using frame grabber cards. video is always problematic and thus I’m trying to avoid it where I can :)

why not use a graphic card with two monitor outputs?

right! you have to set your display to span mode, then it should work with one pc and two projectors

You can also try Matrox Dualhead2Go, 2 outputs in one big screen

One question:
can one, using the Dualhead2go, use different outputs in the monitors? for example one 1024x768 and the other one 800x600?


nope. the output would be 2048x768 and this resolution will be split in half (1024x768)

@moonsafari: playing around now with a patch that ends in “group -> 2 full screen renderers”, one is 1024x768 VGA and the other is 800x600 S-Vid. Using onboard 6100 for control screen, and then 7600 for the two ouputs.

Matrox Dual/Triplehead2Go are designed for corperate powerpoint presentations rather than heavy VJ use. Mostly as VGA data projectors become more predominant and laptops still only ship with 1xVGA & 1xS-Vid.