2-sided textures?


(loving this crazy new code environment)

I have a row of quads all mapped with the same texture. they are basically stacked on top of each other like pages in a book. I am using the advanced blend component with Alpha blending turned off. I just want to have the image floating in space multiple times with no effects.

The problem:
From one side, lets say “the top” of the book. everything looks as i would expect. a stack of pictures floating in space, the ones in front obscuring the ones underneath.
But from the other side, lets say “the bottom” of the book. things look wierd, you can somehow see through all of the quads as if they were transparent on the back side.

Anyone know either how to render a texture on a quad so that it is visible the same way on both sides?

Thanks! topher

If anyone does look at the sample file, there is a FIleTexture that will need to be pointed at something on a local harddrive.

the faq entry would be switching on the Depth Buffer on the renderer. otherwise all quads are just drawn in the order of their priority and their slice index - which looks weird when seen from the back.

thanks, oschatz - now i understand the probem. and that fixed it.