2 kinects on win7

Hi guys! do you have any experience using 2 kinects?

Im trying with V1.5.0 SDK (also with V1.0), but seems the driver doesn’t work with 2 kinect connected in the same time!

The same behaviour on desktop and laptop PC, both with win7 64bit
Any hint?!?!?

Hi Luper,

The attached patch works on my w7 system with skeleton tracking on the 2nd kinect. Important things to check are your USB bandwidth, whether you’re connecting all devices to the same root hub (in which case you’ll probably not have enough bandwidth), also check that you’re not trying to run skeleton tracking on both kinects at once, and that they’re the same model (ie both are Kinect for Windows, not sure if this makes a difference or not.)

Good luck!

2kinects.v4p (40.0 kB)

hey! seems the USB bandwidth was the problem, I detached the normal webcam (so stupid!) and now it works! Thank you!

glad you got it working, have fun!