2 gravities in 1 ODE world

Hi all!

I’m trying to do a patch where some objects should have a normal gravity and the others should have an inversed gravity… I tryed with the “initial gravity” pin of an ODE sphere but its not what I’m loocking for… It should be like sending two different world gravities…

Any experiences?

Any ideas about how to solve it?

Thank U!!

ai puig,

i am afraid it is not possible at the moment to specify two ODE worlds/gravities at the moment. this is a problem by design and would need an internal rework, ie probably a link of each body to the world it wants to belong to…

Thank you very much joreg!

and do you think is there some way to fake it? ie. do each gravity in different machines… or someting easier?

Thanks again!

nia…probably…but this could be an ugly workaround. start two instances of vvvv, where you can use different ode-world settings and send the results of one instance to the other via a udp…

in theory this will work. in practice you’ll have to see if it suits your needs.